1. SLIP (n, v), SLEEP (n, v (SLEPT, SLEPT))
A of the pen.
The mouse into its hole. (PAST)
A voting .
I shall have my afternoon .
There's many a between the cup and the lip — посл. @ не говори «гоп», пока не перепрыгнешь
A quiet conscience in thunder — посл. у кого совесть чиста, тот спит спокойно
He brokenly all night long. (PAST)
He let the word out before he thought.
She looked at the baby, it was .

2. FELL (n, adj, v), FALL (n, v (FELL, FALLEN))
There were of hair on the floor at the barber's.
It's hard to a man with a single blow.
No man alive can stand such tortures.
The tree athwart the road. (PAST)
He the little tree with one chop. (PAST)
The mine has into disuse.
All the trees in this area have been .
Her hair loosely on her shoulders. (PRESENT)

3. INSURE (v), ENSURE (v) ASSURE (v)
They are against any unpleasant consequences.
An insurance agent had scared him into his property.
We cannot success.
The father his frightened child. (PAST)
The new road will a speed-up in the movement of traffic.
Another lock as an additional ance against thieves.
He me of his innocence. (PRESENT)

I want a few things in the way.
No form of living speech can be .
I've been at this town for the last fifteen years.

5. WONDER (n, adj, v), WANDER (v)
His mind is .
The of modern science.
Seven of the world.
His eyes over the landscape. (PAST)
They looked at each other in silent .
I at her saying that. (PAST)
Strange whispers about the camp. (PRESENT)
Some of the sheep have away.

6. TEST (n, v), TASTE (n, v)
Won't you have a of this cake?
for colour blindness.
A severe of character.
It would be in bad to refuse.
It your stamina to the full. (PRESENT)
The car good on the highway. (PAST)
He found it to his .
He hasn't food for two days.
Common make a bond between us.

7. PORTABLE (n, adj), POTABLE (n, adj)
This water is not - it needs to be boiled at least.
My TV is a .
I hate soup.
She knows hundreds of drink recipes and potent .

8. MUSLIN (n), MUSLIM (n, adj)
is a type of finely-woven cotton fabric, introduced to Europe from the Middle East in the 17th century.
believe that there is only one God, translated in Arabic as Allah.
I committed a faux pas by offering wine to a .

9. CLOUT (n, v), CLOUD (n, v)
He had a lot of with the governor.
The sun was hidden by .
This helps increasing this country's on the world stage.
His mind was with suffering.

10. TRIPE (n), TRIBE (n)
That's a lot of !
A father with a whole of children.
The clove to their old beliefs.
He was a butcher.

11. SILL (n), SEAL (n, v)
In geology, a is a tabular pluton that has intruded between older layers of sedimentary rock, beds of volcanic lava or tuff.
If the dry rot is extensive, you may have to remove the window and put in a new one.
The experience was in the archive of her memory.
The use of for authentication of a contract.

12. MOULD (n, v), MOULT (=MOLT) (n, v), MOLTEN (adj)
A man cast in a simple .
His character was by experience.
How to tribal societies into a state.
Everyone knows that all crabs . Its no secret.
The of time.
Cheese in warm damp weather.
You had made for yourselves a calf; you had turned aside quickly.
In biology, (or molting, also known as shedding or for some species, ecdysis) signifies the manner in which an animal routinely casts off a part of its body.

13. MOUNT (n, v), MOUND (n, v)
They sought to climb Everest.
I've still got a of letters to answer.
His bills at the hotel up. (PAST)
A is a general term for an artificial heaped pile of earth, gravel, sand, rocks, or debris.

14. FINNISH (n, adj), FINISH (n, v)
- Are you ? - We are.
I'll pay the bill when you have lunch.
That was the of him.
The film was or Swedish.

15. Polish [ou] (n, adj), polish [o] (n, v)
He up the handle of the front door. (PAST)
is a Slav language.
He lacks .

16. HUNGRY (adj), HUNGARY (n), ANGRY (adj)
I'm good and .
He was at being kept waiting.
We went that day.
He will be to learn this.
We went to that day.
is a People's Republic.

17. EXTEND (v), EXTENT (n)
I was amazed at the of his knowledge.
The exhibition will for a fortnight.
The quarrel was carried to a foolish .
A serpent of huge .
His knowledge of Russian does not beyond small talk.
The violence of the storm had lulled to some .
His lands for several miles. (PRESENT)

That biography is an footnote to the history of our times.
In the first round most of the amateur teams were from the competition.
His plane was by a hostile radar.

19. GUARD (n, v), GUIDE (n, v)
He was encompassed by his .
A trained dog can act as a to a blind man.
They their secret jealously. (PAST)
They mounted over the jewels.
The admonished the climbers to follow him carefully.
The tramped along the corridors.
The showed us the pass through the wood.
Can you me through the museum?

20. DAIRY (n), DIARY (n)
He marked the date in his .
The modern travel book has travelled a long way from a formal .
The grounds were turned to .
This is a treasure-trove for a psychiatrist.

Reckless drivers will be .
The church opinion. (PRESENT)
He us with questions. (PAST)
He will continue to his practice of the law.

It suits his convenience.
The education versus experience trade-off governs practices.
Let us avoid being .
Extramural medical care provided by hospital .

23. SELL (n, v (SOLD, SOLD)), SALE(S) (n), SAIL (n, v)
First the went and then the mast.
A drug against a written prescription. (PAST)
You must not the skin till you have shot the bear.
The yacht out of the harbour towards the Pacific. (PAST)
They advertised that they had a used car for .
An excited buying and of stocks.
We were late for the lunch which was a .
The new firm attached him to the division.
The storm carried away the .

24. BATH(S) (n), BATHE (v)
The garden was in moonlight.
His head was in a of sweat.
Sea-water are essential for your health.
It was too cold to .
A wealthy family that took a in the Depression.

25. BREATH (n), BREATHE (v), BREADTH (n)
She caught her for joy.
It is difficult to in these altitudes.
The bullet missed me by a hair's .
She hummed a tune beneath her .
He wants to English air again before he passes in.
The room is six feet in .
His suggestion fairly took my away.