Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

Type in one of the paronyms to fit each context

A request that savours of . (SINGULAR)
Dentists that children go easy on candy. (PRESENT)
He vast sums of money. (PRESENT)
His strange behaviour has been causing in the neighbourhood. (SINGULAR)
The hotel is to be for its cooking.
His work was highly .
I advised him to his temper.
I you not to play with the captain. (PRESENT)
I would not that anyone work at that place; they run your feet off.
Jack felt that he was really in of the situation. (SINGULAR)
Kim had twenty bayonets under his . (SINGULAR)
Michael has no over himself. (SINGULAR)
Several people on his absence. (PAST)
She her child to her sister's care. (PAST)
The сhildren tuned out their mother's . (PLURAL)
She that it was time for us to go home. (PAST)
The hill a good view. (PRESENT)
The jury added a rider to their verdict mercy. (PARTICIPLE I)
The mountain the plain. (PRESENT)
There was nothing exceptionable in his .
These goods a high price. (PRESENT)
I feel quite confident in Mr. Jackson to you for the vacant post of research assistant. (GERUND)
This book doesn't itself to me.
Threats, , entreaties were useless; he would not comply. (PLURAL)
The minister could not be reached for . (SINGULAR)
Tom has a good of the English language. (SINGULAR)
Topic and are often used in linguistic literature to denote the theme and the rheme. (SINGULAR)
What have you about my son's behaviour? (PLURAL)
He uttered his with a snap. (PLURAL)
I have been to say nothing at the present.