Stories for Reading Comprehension 4 Unit 9

1. absorbed
2. area
3. back
4. buttered
5. common
6. counter
7. cruising
8. derisively
9. deserted
10. destructive
11. diner
12. disparagingly
13. encircling
14. expense
15. general
16. glaring
17. grins
18. humiliation
19. infamy
20. leather
21. menacingly
22. neatly
23. nonchalantly
24. oblivious
25. occupants
26. rebels
27. reflected
28. relatively
29. rushed
30. shreds
31. slammed
32. smirk
33. stared
34. stony
35. strode
36. strolled
37. submissively
38. terrified
39. thrived
40. uniform
41. unsubstantiated
42. uproarious

1. Transform the voice of the sentences.

1) In the 1960's, large packs of youths on motorcycles were a common sight in the United States of America.
2) This was guaranteed to put the fear of death into the people who had been fed by the media with stories of robbery, rape and murder.

2. Transform the sentence into indirect speech.

The gang leader came to the counter and said disparagingly to the bar owner, "Not much of a man, eh?"
The owner replied, "He's not much of a truck driver, either. He's just reversed over thirty motorcycles."

3. Transform the passage into direct speech.

The leader led the pack into the empty parking area and informed the others that it was time to have some 'fun'.

4. Transform the sentence into 'there + to be' pattern.

One of the Angels began to stuff the man's buttered roll into his own mouth. The man failed to react.

5. Transform the sentence into state pattern.

The man had no eye contact with the Angels.

6. Transform the sentence into action pattern.

They were called Hell's Angels and individual packs were known as chapters.

7. Transform the sentence from Complex Subject pattern.

The diner seemed oblivious to their presence.

8. Transform the sentence into Complex Subject pattern.

They had a very bad reputation for their aggressive behaviour. (sure enough)

9. Transform the sentence into Complex Object pattern.

With a smirk on his face the leader watched how the man was leaving.

10. Transform the sentence into Cleft pattern.

These groups were uniform in appearance, easily recognised by their long hair and black leather jackets.

11. Change the sentence into Conditional II and III patterns.

This comic sight was greeted with loud laughter and stamping of feet.

12. Transform the sentence into inverted emphatic pattern.

As the door was slammed shut, the largest of the men leaped to his feet and rushed out of the back door.

13. Transform the sentence into what + subject + predicate + to be + to inf pattern.

One hot summer, a chapter of about thirty Hell's Angels were cruising along looking for fun.

14. Change the verb into an analytical one.

Three Angels strode nonchalantly across to the remaining diner.