Stories for Reading Comprehension 4 Unit 5

1. appalling
2. aspiring
3. beckoned
4. behaviour
5. blunder
6. complimentary
7. composer
8. conductor
9. distinguished
10. embarrassing
11. enquiries
12. faux pas
13. gracious
14. groaned
15. horrendous
16. inevitably
17. innocently
18. inquired
19. interval
20. jew
21. limelight
22. majesty
23. marvellous
24. muslim
25. notice
26. pork
27. propel
28. recalls
29. recollection
30. rehearsals
31. resident
32. seek
33. setting
34. stuck
35. substitutions
36. suffer
37. unwind

1. Transform the voice of the sentence.

Malcolm Sargent once took his leading soloist to the Royal Box during a concert.

2. Transform the sentence into indirect speech.

Malcolm Sargent said, "Your majesty, may I introduce Sergio Poliakoff? Sergio, meet the King of Norway."

3. Transform the sentence into direct speech.

Andre Previn invited the young American to join him for a drink and their conversation turned to the young composer's work which Andre very much admired.

4. Transform the sentence into 'there + to be' pattern.

Most of us have dropped bricks at some time in our lives.

5. Transform the sentence into state pattern.

The American looked a little lost as his eyes searched the room for a friendly face.

6. Transform the sentence into action pattern.

One evening Andre was sitting in the bar of the Westbury Hotel.

7. Transform the part of the sentence from Complex Subject pattern.

She turned out to be a really third-rate pianist.

8. Transform the part of the sentence into Complex Subject pattern.

If at a party I offer an alcoholic drink to a muslim, it is considered that it is a gaffe.

9. Transform the sentence into Complex Object pattern.

He gave Andre a long and thoughtful look. Then he said, "The pianist was my wife."

10. Transform the sentence into Cleft pattern.

The world-famous conductor, Andre Previn, remembers a faux pas he made while he was the guest conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra.

11. Transform the sentence into Conditional III pattern.

It was Andre's custom to relax in the bar of a nearby hotel after performances when he often spent his time talking to guest musicians.

12. Transform the sentence into inverted emphatic pattern.

Andre thanked the young composer for his comments but then he had a sudden recollection of that night.