Stories for Reading Comprehension 3 Unit 7 The Debators

1. Transform the Voice of the sentences.

1) On the day of the final a large crowd waited anxiously to see and hear the two finalists.

2) Stephen's bills were always being paid.

2. Transform the sentence into Indirect Speech.

Steven looked at Magnus and said, "So you are Magnus. Looking at you, anybody would think that there was a famine in Scotland."

3. Transform the sentence into 'there + to be' pattern.

This was the first time that they had met.

4. Transform the sentence from 'there + to be' pattern.

As a result there will be many debating clubs and societies in schools and universities.

5. Transform the sentence into State pattern.

Steven Swan spent a great amount of his time in expensive London restaurants.

6. Transform the sentence into Action pattern.

Debating is a very popular activity in Great Britain.

7. Transform the sentence into Complex Subject pattern.

It seemed that Steven was always with friends and he never stopped talking.

8. Transform the sentence from Complex Subject pattern.

He looked like a pencil and he seemed to be just skin and bones.

9. Transform the sentence into Complex Object pattern.

For the British, it is important to be able to speak well and to speak convincingly.