Stories for Reading Comprehension 3 Unit 5 The Businessman
I want to do it. →

I will do it. →

1. Transform the Voice of the sentences.

1) Reluctantly, Mr Kane agreed to his son's request.
2) Peter jumps into the garden and both his legs has been broken.

2. Transform the sentence into Indirect Speech.

'But I can't. I'll injure myself,' Peter protested.

3. Transform the passage into Direct Speech.

One day his son, Peter, came to him and said that he wanted to be a businessman like his father.

4. Transform the sentence into 'there + to be' pattern.

The wall was six metres high.

5. Transform the sentence into State pattern.

Ten years ago, Mr Kane started a small business.

6. Transform the sentence into Action pattern.

Mr Kane was a tough but successful businessman.

7. Transform the part of the sentence into Complex Subject pattern.

It appeared that Peter only wanted to be a businessman and urged his father to help him.

8. Transform the sentence from Complex Object pattern.

First of all I want you to walk down to the wall at the bottom of the garden.

9. Transform the sentence into Complex Object pattern.

It was six metres high and Peter felt that his legs began to shake.