Stories for Reading Comprehension 3 Unit 4 The Artist
sad + ly = sadly

beauty + ful + ly = beautifully

confide + ent + ly = confidently

interest + ed + ly = interestedly

1. Transform the Voice of the sentences.

1) In twenty years Charles had only produced forty paintings.
2) He decided that all of his paintings should be sold.

2. Transform the sentence into Indirect Speech.

'Wonderful!' Charles cried in delight. 'Now what's the bad news?'

3. Transform the passage into Direct Speech.

After some time he came to the decision that it was time to give up his life as an artist and do something different.

4. Transform the part of the sentence into 'there + to be' pattern.

Each day Charles went to the gallery after it closed, but each day he was disappointed as none of his paintings had been sold.

5. Transform the sentence into State pattern.

On the twenty-first day he met his friend at the gallery door.

6. Transform the part of the sentence into Action pattern.

One day Charles was feeling depressed so he took a long look at his life.

7. Transform the sentence into Complex Subject pattern.

It seemed that Charles did not want to sell them cheaply so he kept all of them in his studio.

8. Transform the sentence from Conditional III into Conditional II pattern.

However, if they had not been sold in three weeks, Charles would have to take them back.

9. Transform the sentence into Complex Object pattern.

His friend said, 'Do you want the good news or the bad news first?'