Reading Comprehension 3 Unit 11 The Crying Baby
a pram - коляска
Take it easy! - Ну-ну, не надо, не переживай так!
Control yourself! - Держи себя в руках!
a teddy bear - плюшевый медведь

1. Transform the Voice of the sentences.

The father stopped and took a teddy bear out of a bag.

2. Transform the sentence into Indirect Speech.

The father said quickly, "The baby is Bob. I'm Martin.".

3. Transform the sentence into 'there + to be' pattern.

The young father walked on but the child cried louder.

4. Transform the sentence from 'there + to be' pattern.

There was a very young baby the pram.

5. Transform the sentence into State pattern.

Three minutes later the child started to cry.

6. Transform the sentence into Action pattern.

An old woman was watching the father.

7. Transform the sentence into Complex Subject pattern.

The father said quickly, 'The baby is Bob. I'm Martin.'. (to appear)

8. Transform the sentence from Complex Subject pattern.

The child did not seem to stop crying but cried louder and louder instead.

9. Transform the sentence into Complex Object pattern.

The young father said softly, "Take it easy, Martin. Keep calm, Martin. Control yourself, Martin."