Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Fill out the gaps with the idioms discussed in the podcast:


A: Our sales revenue has . I'm not really sure how to . Any advice?
B: Have you considered your advertising budget?
A: We already on advertising. Most people in our industry have already heard of us.
B: Advertising is not just about increasing . .
A: What else is there?
B: Take McDonald's for example. Everyone knows about them yet they continue to spend a ton on advertising.
A: Good point. Why do they do that?
B: They want McDonald's to be the first thing that comes into people's minds when they are hungry for fast food. People don't consider all options before they make a purchase. They consider a few at most and then make a choice.
A: So you think increasing our ad budget should then?
B: I'm saying it might. Having said that though, you want to make sure you aren't spending your ad dollars . You need to make sure you are hitting your target market and getting a reasonable .


a plateau: is the point where something isn't increasing any further.
hump: is an expression that means to break through a sticking point or a plateau. It means to keep increasing or improving when you reach a difficult situation.
equation: This phrase means that something is only one of many factors.
: is a slang term that means to "increase" something.
: is a slang term that means to spend a lot of money.
: is simply a term that describes how many people "know about" a particular brand.
: means that something worked.
-nilly: means that you do something very carelessly.
: is a business term that stands for "Return on Investment". It means how much money you get back from each dollar you invest. Usually it is quoted as a percent.


1. If you want to lose weight, you need to pay attention to your diet. Exercise is .
2. Her health improved a lot after she started the amount of exercise she was doing.
3. His ranking didn't improve for over 2 years so he decided to hire a new coach to help him .
4. If you start playing a new sport, you will probably improve quickly at first and then slowly start to "".
5. An angry husband might say, "Why didn't you ask me before on this new couch"? While an angry wife might reply, "Well why don't you ask me when you playing golf?"
6. Someone might ask, "how did you fix the air conditioner? The other person might reply, "I have no idea. I just hit it a couple of times and that seemed to ".


1. ... if you're in business you don't want ... (FOUR WORDS)
2. ... so he wanted to improve, so he wanted . (FIVE WORDS)
3. ... her health improved because amount of exercise she was doing ... (THREE WORDS)
4. ... if you say it really means you're spending a lot. (FOUR WORDS)
5. ... is increasing you'll be happy to know. (FOUR WORDS)
6. ... it doesn't matter necessarily why but... (FOUR WORDS)
7. ... if you're spending money you don't want to . (FOUR WORDS)