Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Fill out the gaps with the idioms discussed in the podcast:


A: I just finished the for our new mp3 player. It's awesome. I think it's ready for .
B: ? We haven't even done any market research yet! What if the doesn't like it as much as you or I? We haven't even clearly defined our . We can't afford a huge . We need to before making a huge financial commitment.
A: I've got a good feeling about it. I think we should just trust our and bypass the market research. That will cost money too and just slow down the whole process.
B: If we don't do any market research and it fails, do you want to be the one to stand up and tell the shareholders during the next board meeting?
A: Good point.


: The "test" product a company makes.
: This means producing the same product on a large scale.
: This is a phrase that means to "try something out" before committing to it fully.
: This is your natural feeling.
: This is the "normal" or "common" person buying a product.
: This is the type or general class of people you are selling to.
: A slang term that means a big failure.


1. Our last product launch was a huge . Our company lost millions of dollars on that one.
2. helps to make the cost of each item relatively low.
3. The for a type of perfume might be "20-23" year old college females in the USA.
4. I don't know him very well, but I've got a he's an honest guy.
5. is done in factories.
6. Mcdonald's might try selling a new type of hamburger in only a few restaurants first to "".
7. They will make a first and test it before committing to making many more in the future.
8. They conducted a survey on psychological versioning of products.


1. ... well, we kind of do . (FOUR WORDS) ...
2. ... and see if their (FIVE WORDS) before they make too many of the thing. ...
3. You have the green light, everything , (FOUR WORDS) ...
4. ... they're kind of more of the (FOUR WORDS) ...
5. ... we do have (FOUR WORDS) so it's not a huge flop ...
6. ... they're doing that just to kind of (THREE WORDS) ...
7. If you have a huge gut, , (FOUR WORDS) which I'm glad I don't have ...