Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

A: I don't think I'll be calling Brian again.
B: ?
A: Sara for her birthday last night and Brian with no gift, no drinks, or anything; and he was complaining about her not having a good enough selection of drinks.
B: That's pretty rude but not calling him again is a bit , don't you think? He must have done something else.
A: He could see that everyone took their shoes off at the door but he still kept his on dirt all over the floor. He also lit up a cigarette in the house without asking. I mean, who smokes inside anymore?
B: That's awful. Did anyone say anything?
A: Someone asked him to smoke outside and he took offense to it. It was like he'd never heard that people don't like in their face. Oh ya, and he was Jay's girlfriend the whole night.
B: Did Jay say anything?
A: . He's not really . He didn't want to make it too awkward. I can understand that.

Match the key vocabulary and their meaning that are discussed in the podcast:

Had some people over:
Hitting on:
I mean:
Second hand smoke:
Showed up:
To top it off:
You know Jay:

A. This means invited people to your home. Its just a common way of saying this. For example, I had a few friends over last night.
B. It means arrived.
C. You can use this phrase when telling a story. It's used in a situation where you list several things that happened that would already be enough to prove your point, but you still have one more big thing to say to add to what you were saying.
D. Strong, not very forgiving.
E. When someone walks around with dirty shoes inside the house we say they are spreading dirt on the floor.
F. Sometimes this is used to express that you believe that most reasonable people should agree with what you are saying.
G. Smoke in the air from other people smoking
H. Flirting. Talking to someone in a playful way with whom you are normally attracted to, often someone you might want to have a date with.
I. This phrase means that this person is quite well known and his behavior would be easily recognized in different situations.
J. If someone does something that you don't like or don't agree with and you go to that person and tell them exactly how you feel. Not being like this is having someone do or say something you don't like and just keep your feelings to yourself.