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Stories for Reading Comprehension 2 Unit 13

Mr Harris used to work in Dover before he moved to another town. → "было время, работал, а теперь нет"

Mr Harris worked in Dover last year and will work there this year. → "работал и будет продолжать"
Change these direct statements into reported ones:

1. Mrs Harris said to her husband, "We visited a lot of other people's houses, and now we should invite them to our house, shouldn't we?"
2. "Yes, certainly,' answered her husband. "A big party is the easiest, isn't it?"
3. Mrs Harris said, "Yes, I'm going to invite all our friends here to a big party on 5th December."
4. "How many people will come?" Mr Harris asked. "You shouldn't invite too many."
5. The policeman said, "You must stop making a noise, because someone is complaining."
6. Mrs Harris said, "That is a surprise, isn't it? Who has complained about the noise?"
7. "I have," Mr Harris answered in a tired voice.