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Sketches from the ETT   Tone Marking    Restaurant     Episode 4

SCRIPT - Episode 4
- What if you don't like eggs? - Have the chips. - What if you don't like chips? - Have the eggs. - What if you don't like eggs or chips? - Have a sandwich. - A sandwich? - Yes. I've got one here in my pocket.

- Thank you. Er, what's in this sandwich? - Sand. - Sand?! - Yes, sand. That's why it's called a sandwich, because of the sand which is inside it.

Come on, let's go. - What's the matter? You're not going already, are you? - Yes. - Why? - Because this must be the worst restaurant in London. - No, it isn't. - Isn't it?

No. I've got another one round the corner. It's much worse than this one. Anyway, people don't come here for the food. - I'm not surprised. - No, they come here for the music.

The music? - Yes. Allow me to present Manfred Schmidt and his Spanish guitar. - Ole! Guten Abend, meine Damen und Herren! - Stavros? - Yes?

What can Manfred play? - Anything you like. - Really? - Yes, anything at all. - Good. Tell him to play football. Football? - What do you mean? - We're leaving. Goodbye.

Oh, goodbye. Do come again. Don't forget to tell your friends! That's the trouble with English people, Manfred. - What's that, Stavros? - They don't know a good restaurant when they see one.

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