Read the text and type the articles:
A(N) or THE in each box.

Jack was young sailor. He lived in England, but he was often away with his ship.
One summer he came back from long voyage and found new neighbours near his mother's house. They had pretty daughter, and Jack soon loved her very much.
He said to her, 'My next voyage will begin in few days' time, Gloria. I love you, and I'll marry you when I come back. I'll think about you all time, and I'll write to you and send you present from every port.'
Jack's first port was Freetown in Africa, and he sent Gloria parrot from there. It spoke five languages.
When Jack's ship reached Australia, there was letter from Gloria. It said, 'Thank you for parrot, Jack. It tasted much better than chicken.'

Exercise 1

Type the first occurrences of the sounds:

Exercise 2

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Finish the questions to match the answers.

1. Jack make long voyages? - Because he was a sailor.

2. Gloria live? - Near Jack's mother's house.

3. Jack think about Gloria all the time? - Because he loved her.

4. Jack send Gloria the parrot from? - From Africa.

5. Jack get Gloria's letter about the parrot? - In Australia.

6. Gloria do to the parrot? - She cooked it.

7. Freetown? - In Africa.

8. the parrot speak? - Five.

9. Jack and Gloria live? - In England.

10. Jack love Gloria? - Because she was pretty.

Exercise 3
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Exercise 4
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