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TOEFL   Reading Comprehension    Passage 7
In this section you will read a passage which is followed by several questions about it.
For the questions you are to choose the one best answer, (Рђ), (Р’), (C), or (D), to each question.

  Until recently, growth hormone could only be obtained from the pituitary glands of dead people. This substance is used to treat children who did not produce enough of their own growth hormone and who would, therefore, grow up as dwarfs. The natural product was taken off the market after it was linked to a brain disease which attacked some of the children undergoing treatment with it. But now, a new synthetic growth hormone has been developed which, it is claimed, has no dangerous side effects. The new drug is called "Somatrem" and can be produced in unlimited quantities.
For children who are deficient in their own growth hormone, Somatrem is an important medical advance. The problem is that the drug may be abused by people who are not medically in need of its benefits. For example, athletes may take the drug in the belief that it will improve their physique and physical performance. Parents may want to obtain the drug for their children who are only marginally under average height. For such reasons, experts are recommending that registers be kept of Somatrem recipients. The implications of the use of Somatrem must be thoroughly understood before widespread distribution of the drug is undertaken.

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