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Метонимизация определения (Croc Preston)

'Er, Ray,' I said, 'what's that book in your hand?'
'Oh, this?' said Ray. 'I bought this yesterday. It's a survival manual.'
'A what?' I said.
'A survival manual. It's for explorers, you know. How to survive in the mountains. How to survive in the jungle. That kind of thing.'
'There aren't many mountains around here,' I said. I was looking at the flat blue sea around the boat.
Yeah, well, there are a lot of ideas in this book. I was reading it last night. Look at this chapter: “How to survive in an open boat”. It's a good book. It's got a lot of information in it. You know, you mustn't drink sea water. But you can drink the blood of sea-birds.'


1. В чем метонимичность словосочетания an open boat?
2. Можно ли an open boat перевести на русский язык сохранив метонимию - открытая лодка?

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