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состояние <-> действие (2) Трансформация.


Трансформируйте высказывания из состояния в действие/действия в состояние.

1. He walks fast.
2. She ran quickly.
3. I was clearly seen by them.
4. We are good workers.


GrishaGrisha, 2014/12/06 15:10

1.He is a fast walker.
2.She was a quick runner.
3.They saw me clearly.
4.We work well.

Yuri ScherbakovYuri Scherbakov, 2014/12/06 15:17

Все верно.

Доп. Задание:

5. We are fine teachers.
6. She has been taught well by her school.
7. He did the job promptly.
8. I saw them clearly.

GrishaGrisha, 2014/12/11 11:09

5.We teach well.
6.The school well taught me.
7.Work was made quickly by him.
8.They were clearly saw to me.

Yuri ScherbakovYuri Scherbakov, 2014/12/11 12:35, 2014/12/11 12:35

Верно только п.5.

GrishaGrisha, 2014/12/13 10:59

5. We teach fine.
6. Her school has taught her well.
7. The job was done by him promtly.
8. They were seen by me clearly.

Yuri ScherbakovYuri Scherbakov, 2014/12/17 00:56

Теперь все верно.

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