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Модальные глаголы (Формальный дискурс)

- Good afternoon, sir. Can I help you?
- Yes, I hope so. Er, can I change travelers cheques here?
- Certainly. Could I have some means of identification?
- Oh, er, well, I've got a driver's license, oh a passport
- Oh, a passport will be fine
- A-ah, there you go
- How many cheques would you like to change?
- Erm, two of the fifty dollar ones. Oh, what's the exchange rate?
- The exchange rate? Oh, today it's a dollar and sixty-four to the pound.
- Uhm
- Now for a hundred dollars that will be … yes…er… sixty pounds ninety-eight.
- Fine. What's the date today?
- Thirty first of August
- Thirty first of August, there you go
- Oh, you have to sign both the cheques.
- A-ah
- Uhm, how would you like the money, sir?
- A-am, six tens
- Six tens.. That's ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, ninety-eight
- A-ah, thanks a lot! Bye-bye!
- Thank you, goodbye!

Поясните использование в диалоге именно таких модальных глаголов.

<spoiler|Click> can - изьявительное, по сути утверждение в вежливой форме вопроса
could - сослагательное, могу ли я, нет отношений ресурсо-держатель/потребитель
will - insistence?
would - POLITE OFFERS and REQUESTS (wanting) With words LIKE, PREFER, and the like + Infinitive with the meaning of WANT.
Would like - сослагательное, я бы хотел.
I would like a cup of tea.
Would you prefer beer or wine?

have to - необходимость сделать на этапе согласования условий

Do you vs. Would you
wish vs. want vs. would like


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