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Переводческие приемы - контекстуальная замена

Mr and Mrs Brown had two daughters and two sons. Both the daughters married, and then both the sons married too. Soon Mr and Mrs Brown had a granddaughter, and then they had two grandsons.
They were very happy.
Then one of their daughters had another baby, and she telephoned her mother, “Please come and help with your new granddaughter.”
Mrs Brown went quickly, but Mr Brown stayed at home, because he was nearer his job there. But he said, “I'll, come on Friday evening, and I'll stay till Monday morning.”
On Friday evening, after work, Mr Brown got into a train. He was very happy. “I'm going to see my new granddaughter now,” he said.
There were three empty places in the train.
There was an old man beside one empty place, and Mr Brown went to him and said nicely, “Are you a grandfather?
“Yes,” the man answered, “I have three granddaughters.”
Mr Brown went to the second empty place. There was a nice woman beside that. Mr Brown said to her, “Are you a grandmother?
The woman answered, “Yes, I have two granddaughters and two grandsons.”
Mr Brown went to the third empty place. There was a man beside that, and Mr Brown said to him, “And are you a grandfather?
“No, I'm not,” the man answered.
Mr Brown smiled happily and said, “That's good.” He sat down in the empty place and said to the man kindly, “Now I'll tell you about my granddaughters and grandsons.”


Примените контекстуальную замену для перевода выделенных предложений.


Является ли вопрос “Are you a grandfather?” и ответ “Yes, I have three granddaughters.” актуализацией understatement или overstatement?

Ср. с русским наивным лингвистическим переводом: “Do you have any grandchildren?” - “Yes, I have three granddaughters.” ←- если дать задание русскоговорящему сформулировать/придумать вопрос к ответу “Yes, I have three granddaughters.”, то вопрос будет составлен такой: “Do you have any grandchildren?”, а аутентичный вопрос “Are you a grandfather?” даже не придет в голову.



onemateonemate, 2013/06/15 16:40

На мой взгляд, во всех местах необходим перевод: У вас есть внуки ?

- Are you a grandfather?
- Yes, I have three granddaughters
Отвечающий продуцирует overstatement. Его не спрашивали о поле и количестве, его спросили только о наличии и то косвенно (узнали его статус).

Yuri ScherbakovYuri Scherbakov, 2013/06/15 21:44
Отвечающий продуцирует overstatement.

т.е. вопрос - understatement, а ответ - overstatement?

onemateonemate, 2013/06/17 21:27

В итоге вот как:
В одном разрезе отвечающий продуцирует overstatement (так, как я указал выше), но другой разрез показывает, что отвечающий экономит время обоим, как бы предугадывая дальнее следствие первичного вопроса и удаляет ненужные вежливости из общения, т.е. налицо understatement.

Yuri ScherbakovYuri Scherbakov, 2013/06/17 22:25

Верно, т.е. overstatement и understatement образуют своего рода комплементарное единство.

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