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Леонид vs Алёша (Topic - Studying and Learning English)

Проведите беседу в форме вопросов-ответов на тему Studying and Learning English. По 10 вопросов и ответов/высказываний с каждой стороны. Используйте тематическую лексику.


AlexAlex, 2018/11/23 19:29

Hello, Leonid! It's been a while since our last chat. Why are you intersted in learning English?

LeonidLeonid, 2019/09/15 11:54

Hi, Alex!
I am intereste in learning English because I need it for my work. Why are you learning English?

AlexAlex, 2019/09/15 16:30

Studying and analyzing the English language helps me gain a better understanding of Russian and my own way of thinking as well. How long have you been learning English?

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