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Данил vs Александр/Алёша (Topic - Studying and Learning English)

Проведите беседу в форме вопросов-ответов на тему Studying and Learning English. По 10 вопросов и ответов/высказываний с каждой стороны. Используйте тематическую лексику.


AlexanderAlexander, 2018/11/22 17:50, 2018/11/30 14:09

Hi! My name is Alex. Nice to meet you! Did you read a book in a English language?

DanilDanil, 2018/11/29 23:11, 2018/11/30 17:55

Hi.My name is Danil.Yes,I read a book in English. Did you read one?

AlexAlex, 2019/04/19 19:48, 2019/04/19 19:56

Hello, Danil! I've recently started reading “The Maltese Falcon” by Dashiell Hammett. I think reading fiction in English is very useful for the learning process. What book did you read?

DanilDanil, 2019/05/12 19:04, 2019/05/29 15:25

In English I read “Dracula” by Bram Stoker, but I was unable to read it to the end because I had little time for this. What is book you reading is about?

AlexAlex, 2019/05/15 21:34, 2019/05/15 21:35

It's a noir detective about murders, deception and money. What other ways of learning English do you use?

DanilDanil, 2019/05/18 11:29

I used to watch some YouTube videos in English. I also often read BBC news. It helps me to improve my English and to be aware of what happens in EU and USA. Do you believe that a person can learn English by just listening english music?

AlexAlex, 2019/05/18 16:45, 2019/05/18 16:49

Certainly not. Neither listening to music nor watching TV is enough to master the language. You should thoroughly learn its grammar. Have you ever conversed with a native English speaker?

DanilDanil, 2019/05/23 17:43

Yes, I have but I hardly understood him because he has a very strange african accent moreover we had nothing in common so we had nothing to talk about. What about you? Have you ever had a conversation with a native English speaker?

AlexAlex, 2019/05/24 20:10

I've asked and discussed some questions on english forums. It was quite useful. What is the most difficult thing about learning English for you?

DanilDanil, 2019/05/26 10:56, 2019/05/26 10:57

I'm preparing for TOEFL. The most difficul thing for me is not English, but writing TOEFL essays. I don't have strong opinion on topics, all my life I've been taking a middle position on most topics and because of that it's hard for me to write on these topics even in Russian. Do you have some problems with English?

AlexAlex, 2019/05/26 20:04, 2019/05/27 00:24

To write an essay in quite a limited time would be a hard task for me too. I believe TOEFL examiners are aware of the difficulty and wouldn't expect you to have a strong and detailed opinion on every subject. As for me, understanding fluent speech, word choice (collocations) and articles are hard nuts to crack. Why do you need to take the TOEFL?

DanilDanil, 2019/05/28 09:54, 2019/05/28 23:59

I want to leave the country and I don't see any other way to do it than getting a foreign education, so I must to pass the TOEFL to be applied in a foreign university. What about you?

DanilDanil, 2019/05/30 10:00

I want to leave the country and I don't see any other way to do it than getting a foreign education, so I must pass the TOEFL to be applied in a foreign university. What about you?

AlexAlex, 2019/05/28 23:28, 2019/05/29 00:01

I don't plan on emigrating. I learn English for my personal development and because I'm interested in the language as such. Why didn't you choose neither IELTS nor CAE?

DanilDanil, 2019/05/30 10:02

I just think that TOEFL is easier.

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