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Topic - Addictions, Good and Bad Habits - Алексей К. vs Алёша


Проведите беседу в форме вопросов-ответов на тему Addictions, Good and Bad Habits. По 10 высказываний с каждой стороны. Используйте тематическую лексику. Придерживайтесь плана:
1) Приветствие и установление контакта.
2) Определите, что вы имеете в виду под вредной/полезной привычкой.
3) Обсудите, какие вредные привычки бывают и какие актуальны лично для вас.
4) Обсудите способы устранения, ослабления вредный привычек и пути формирования полезных привычек.


Alexei_KudinovAlexei_Kudinov, 2018/11/06 16:12, 2018/11/06 18:26

Hello, my name is Alexey.
First of all I want to know what do you think about habits? Is it useful or useless?

Alexei_KudinovAlexei_Kudinov, 2018/11/11 13:41, 2018/11/14 20:33

First of all I want to know what do - не нужен, так как это в данном случае не самостоятельный вопрос, а придаточная часть сложного предложения you think about habits? Are they useful or useless

AlexAlex, 2018/11/12 22:02, 2018/11/12 23:39

Hello, Alexey! As far as I know, habits are usually divided into bad (harmful, especially for health) and good (useful). But I've never heard about useless habits. What do you mean by that?

Alexei_KudinovAlexei_Kudinov, 2018/11/16 00:08, 2018/11/16 00:16

The useless habits is habits that don't lead to a something helpful or even harmaful. For example: some people have a habit like biting nails. How do you think it's possible to create an useful habit?

Alexei_KudinovAlexei_Kudinov, 2018/11/16 11:29

The useless habits are habits that don't lead to something helpful or even harmful. For example: some people have a habit like biting nails. How do you think it's possible to create a useful habit?

AlexAlex, 2019/04/28 18:45

I think there are three main drivers for starting a useful habit: fear, pleasure and willpower. As to me, pleasure is the best and easiest way, though fear is more powerful motivation. If you cannot find anything useful from what you like, you have to make an effort of will. Have you ever dropped a bad habit and started a usful one?

Alexei_KudinovAlexei_Kudinov, 2019/11/06 19:46, 2019/11/06 19:47

I have. I used to smoke. It was a bad habit but in the long run I quitted it and started jogging. What was your most hard-removing bad habit ?

AlexAlex, 2019/11/07 14:45, 2019/11/07 14:51

Staying up late is the one and it's still going. Frankly speaking, not that I've tried really hard to remove it so far. What do you think influences the formation of a bad habit more: environment or personality?

Alexei_KudinovAlexei_Kudinov, 2020/01/21 21:07

I think that both of them are equally influential. And what do you think about it?

AlexAlex, 2020/01/21 22:57, 2020/01/21 23:03

I believe personality takes the upper hand. One might be unaware of his/her own motives, but there's always a choice, anyway. Do you accept the possibility that a bad habit may become good over time, and vice versa?

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