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Stress Shift (Killing Joke - Adorations)


Artist : Killing Joke
Title : Adorations


Courage and Cowards move, heroes to ecstasy
Welcomes of war and wounds, vigil and victory
Structures of atoms dance, sugar towards the taster,
Prey to the predator, love as we're falling down

Through light and laughter flow, to dirge and death we go,
Mindless processions move, lanterns of burning towns,
Welcome to fray and feast, bliss in all sorrows found,
Rhythms and random moves and waves of adorations.

Patterns I'm finding
As pain and joy and sorrow mingle.
Patterns we're finding
Our faces raised in adorations.

Deserts are paradise, awake to genocides.
Delight and suffering, these roles that we have found
Nourished by food we eat, hungered by waste excrete
From apes or sons of god, let every act be sacred.


Разметьте ударение в словах согласно исполнению.

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