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I love you (Ship or Sheep - Unit 5)


Russ: Honey, why are you so sad?

(Janet says nothing)

Russ: Honey, why are you so unhappy? I don’t understand.
Janet: You don’t love me, Russ!
Russ: But, honey, I love you very much.
Janet: That’s untrue. You love my cousin, Sunny. You think she’s lovely and I’m ugly.
Russ: Janet, just once last month I took Sunny out for lunch. You mustn’t worry. I like your company much better than Sunny’s.
Janet: Oh, shut up, Russ.
Russ: But, honey, I think you’re wonderful. You mustn’t… Janet: Oh, SHUT UP!


1. Найдите и выпишите совпадающие синтагмы (фразы) в диалоге первого издания 1982 г. (см. выше) с диалогом третьего издания 2006 г. (см. ниже)


JASMINE: Honey, why are you so sad?

(Duncan says nothing.)

JASMINE: Honey, why are you so unhappy? I don't understand.
DUNCAN: You don't love me, Jasmine.
JASMINE: But Duncan, I love you very much!
DUNCAN: That's untrue, Jasmine. You love my cousin.
JASMINE: Justin?
DUNCAN: No, his brother.
JASMINE: Dudley?
DUNCAN: No. Stop being funny, Jasmine. Not that one. The other brother, Hunter. You think he's lovely and I'm unattractive.
JASMINE: Duncan! That's utter rubbish!
DUNCAN: And Hunter loves you too.
JASMINE: No he doesn't.
DUNCAN: Yes he does.
JASMINE: Duncan, just once last month I had lunch with Hunter. You mustn't worry. I like your company much better than Hunter's. Hunter's …
DUNCAN: Oh, just shut up, Jasmine!
JASMINE: But honey, I think you're wonderful.
DUNCAN: Oh, shut up, Jasmine.
JASMINE: Now that's enough! You're just jealous, Duncan. You shut up!

2. Сравните тонограммы выписанных совпадающих фраз.

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