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Словообразование -able/-ible - Шамиль vs Алёша

По цепочке предложите по 10 английских предложений дающих возможность перефразировать их с использованием прилагательных образованными по модели: ГЛАГОЛ + -ABLE/-IBLE.


Первая сторона:

Shocking but true-only 0.83% of the Earth's water is good for drinking.

Вторая сторона:

Shocking but true-only 0.83% of the Earth's water is drinkable.


ShamilShamil, 2020/01/10 23:22

This book is good for reading.

AlexAlex, 2020/01/11 15:05

This book is readable.

That path is easy to walk.

ShamilShamil, 2020/01/21 22:36

That path is walkable.

This movie is good for viewing.

AlexAlex, 2020/01/22 19:35

This movie is watchable.

This ship cannot be sunk.

ShamilShamil, 2020/02/12 20:53, 2020/02/12 20:55

This ship is unsinkable.

This car was suitable for eco-friendly usage.

AlexAlex, 2020/02/12 22:30

This car was eco-friendly usable.

These resources cannot be renewed.

ShamilShamil, 2020/02/14 21:52, 2020/02/14 21:55

These resources can non-renewable.

This plate can be shot.

AlexAlex, 2020/02/15 00:20

This plate is shootable.

This work is easy to do.

ShamilShamil, 2020/02/16 16:25

This work is easible.

This clearing is good for a picnic.

AlexAlex, 2020/02/17 18:30

This work is doable

This clearing is suitable for a picnic.

The road is easy to drive on.

ShamilShamil, 2020/02/18 10:29

The road is drivable.

This pool is easy to swim.

AlexAlex, 2020/02/18 13:22

This pool is swimmable.

Love is hard to define.

ShamilShamil, 2020/02/20 17:10

Love is definable.

This cat can't be overfed.

AlexAlex, 2020/02/20 20:08


This cat is unoverfedable.

The hardships is easy to endure for him.

ShamilShamil, 2020/02/21 10:58

The hardships is endurable for him.

Space is difficult to understand.

AlexAlex, 2020/03/02 19:51

Space is unfathomable.

This wood is easy to set on fire.

ShamilShamil, 2020/03/06 13:25

This wood is easy to fireable.

This dog is easy to trained.

AlexAlex, 2020/03/06 21:22

This wood is inflammable.

This dog is trainable.

These clothes are difficult to wash.

ShamilShamil, 2020/03/10 13:05

These clothes are unwashable.

Not all forest berries is good for food.

AlexAlex, 2020/03/11 21:17

Not all forest berries are edible.

Thank you!

ShamilShamil, 2020/03/20 21:57

Thank you very much.

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