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фразовые глаголы - Данил vs Алексей К



По цепочке предложите по образцу-шаблону друг другу по 10 высказываний на английском языке с выделенным не фразовым глаголом, который можно заменить на фразовый глагол с тем же смыслом.


Первая сторона:

He had to stop studying because of his poor health.

Вторая сторона:

He had to give up studying because of his poor health.


DanilDanil, 2018/12/08 20:53

He stands up from a couch.

Alexei_KudinovAlexei_Kudinov, 2018/12/09 09:59, 2018/12/09 19:25

He gets up from a couch.

He appeared suddenly

DanilDanil, 2018/12/10 00:00, 2018/12/10 14:55

He came suddenly ← это не фразовый глагол, а нужен фразовый

He looks after his dog ← это фразовый глагол, а нужен не фразовый

DanilDanil, 2018/12/10 13:16

He cares about his dog

Alexei_KudinovAlexei_Kudinov, 2018/12/10 08:07, 2018/12/13 08:29

He cares about his dog

My computer is broke

Alexei_KudinovAlexei_Kudinov, 2018/12/13 13:59

My computer is broken

DanilDanil, 2018/12/12 20:11, 2018/12/13 08:29

My computer doesn't work well.

He eluded justice.

DanilDanil, 2018/12/13 22:05, 2018/12/14 09:37

My computer doesn't work - это не фразовый глагол, а нужен фразовый.

DanilDanil, 2018/12/16 12:38, 2018/12/16 12:41

My computer doesn't turn on

Alexei_KudinovAlexei_Kudinov, 2018/12/13 14:02, 2018/12/13 14:03

He gets off justice.

He refused our offer..

DanilDanil, 2018/12/16 12:39

He turned down our offer

I took the job

Alexei_KudinovAlexei_Kudinov, 2018/12/17 09:32, 2019/01/11 21:11

I take over the job.

I have forgotten about it.

DanilDanil, 2018/12/19 21:09, 2019/01/11 21:12

It has been out of my mind.

I took the taxi

DanilDanil, 2019/01/22 14:12

out of my head.

DanilDanil, 2019/01/06 16:41, 2019/01/11 21:13

I caught up the taxi

I explode my house

Alexei_KudinovAlexei_Kudinov, 2019/01/11 21:15, 2019/01/14 09:13

I blow up my house.

I discovered this place.

DanilDanil, 2019/01/22 14:11, 2019/01/23 13:19

I opened up this place.

I fell from the cliff.

Alexei_KudinovAlexei_Kudinov, 2019/01/30 10:54, 2019/01/30 12:13

I pitch on from the cliff.

I explained it

Alexei_KudinovAlexei_Kudinov, 2019/02/03 09:42

I tumble down from the cliff.

DanilDanil, 2019/01/30 16:13

I figured it out.

I feel sad.

Alexei_KudinovAlexei_Kudinov, 2019/02/03 09:48

I try out sad.

I saw it.

DanilDanil, 2019/04/19 20:01

I looked at up.

I think about the thing.

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