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фразовые глаголы - Алёша vs Владимир

По цепочке предложите по образцу-шаблону друг другу по 10 высказываний на английском языке с выделенным не фразовым глаголом, который можно заменить на фразовый глагол с тем же смыслом.


Первая сторона:

He had to stop studying because of his poor health.

Вторая сторона:

He had to give up studying because of his poor health.


Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2018/12/08 07:40

He won't confess it even if he is wrong.

AlexAlex, 2018/12/09 19:00

He won't own up to it even if he is wrong.

I can't understand how this device works.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2018/12/09 20:23

I can't make out how this device works.

They put the things together and did a bundle.

AlexAlex, 2019/05/18 23:22

They put the things together and bundled them up.

I've asked many people but no one has seen Johnny.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2019/05/19 18:43

I've looked for Johnny but no one has seen him.

He shouted with joy.

AlexAlex, 2019/05/19 23:21

She got carried away.

It is hard to survive when you don't have a job.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2019/05/22 18:11

When you don't have a job you are hard up.

Let the dogs play freely.

AlexAlex, 2019/05/23 17:05

Let the dogs run about.

You should prevent him from doing that.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2019/05/26 11:31

Let him give in.

Allow him to enter.

AlexAlex, 2019/05/26 20:04

Let him come in.

A radiator emits heat.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2019/05/27 16:10

A radiator lets out heat.

I was mistaken by his looks.

AlexAlex, 2019/09/14 00:00

I was taken in by his looks.

We need to leave the hotel soon.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2019/09/14 12:14

We need to check out soon.

She wants to make her skirt shorter.

AlexAlex, 2019/09/14 15:25, 2019/09/14 15:28

She wants to take her skirt in.

First, I'm going to compare prices.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2019/09/19 18:17

First, I'm going to check prices out.

She presented her best toy to her sister.

AlexAlex, 2019/09/20 21:53

She gave her best toy away to her sister.

He withdrew from the agreement.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2019/09/21 14:28, 2019/09/21 14:28

He broke up the agreement.

I am used to my new shoes.

AlexAlex, 2019/09/22 18:39

I broke in my new shoes.

He looks like his father.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2019/09/24 17:16

He takes after his father.

I can't understand some of the words.

AlexAlex, 2019/09/24 21:17

I can't catch on to some of the words.

He delt with the situation successfully.

Thank you!

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2019/09/25 14:59

Thank YOU!

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