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use/close (verb) vs. use/close (non-verb)

use (verb - глагол) [juːz] - use (non-verb - не-глагол) [juːs]
close (verb - глагол) [kləʊz] - close (non-verb - не-глагол) [kləʊs]


Укажите звук выделенных букв.

1. His attitude closed the door to further negotiations
2. He keeps himself close.
3. May I get the use of the telephone?
4. May I use your telephone?
5. The car was hardly used.
6. The book was very useful to me.
7. The closing stages of the session.
8. The speech of cultivated users of English.


igorigor, 2014/07/25 07:24

1. z
2. s
3. s
4. z
5. z
6. s
7. z
8. z

Yuri ScherbakovYuri Scherbakov, 2014/07/25 08:45

Все верно.


1. Почему в 3-м задании после определенного артикля в use - [s], а в 7-м задании после определенного артикля в using - [z]?

2. Как следует произнести uses во фразах:

He uses much sugar in his tea.
The uses of sugar are various.

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