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still vs. steal vs. steel и др. (homophones)



Выпишите омофоны из предложений.

1. Is is always difficult to leave a town where I like to live.
2. How you steal our swag and figure you still yourself?

3. Steel bird, steel bird, steal me away.
I'm all done, all done living in the dirt.
Always, all ways. Either way.
I spent all my money on wine and cigarettes.

4. Leaving Russia. Please check the departure date on your visa before buying your tickets.
5. It is just 5 Reasons I Love To Live In Russia.
6. The new government fell heir to all the problems of the old one — новому правительству от старого достались.
7. There was an air of poverty — на всём лежала печать нужды.
8. Every male who had attained the age of eighteen — все лица мужского пола, достигшие восемнадцатилетнего возраста.
9. I had a lot of mail last week — на прошлой неделе я получил много писем.


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