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anyway (релятив)


Контекст №1:

His real name was Brian Smith, but only a few people knew that. Rachel was his assistant. She didn't like Mervyn very much. He was a short fat man with glasses and very long hair. Mervyn drove an orange Rolls-Royce everywhere. There were gold stars all over it. 'It's good advertising,' Mervyn always said. Anyway, when Rachel had the new idea, Mervyn said, 'All right, you can try it.'

Контекст №2:

'Yes, I used to be a computer operator at the power station. That was four or five years ago, before I worked for Mervyn. Anyway, there's a big nuclear power station, just outside Chatford. I used to work there on computers.'

Контекст №3:

'That's interesting, you mean all of these old people had long life lines? Maybe it's not nonsense.'
'Maybe,' said Mark.
'Anyway,' said Rachel, 'how short were the life lines in Chatford?'

Контекст №4:

'Well, yes,' she said. 'I wanted the computer to compare the photographs from different towns.'
'We don't pay you to play with the computer,' said Mervyn angrily. 'Anyway, you aren't a computer programmer. You couldn't do this. Someone helped you. Who was it?'

Контекст №5:

'Then you're cheating your customers.'
'Yes, I know,' said Mervyn. 'There's a fool born every minute.' You've heard that before, haven't you? That's why I'm a rich man. Anyway, we got all the information about palmistry and astrology from the best books. The program doesn't cheat. It gives us the best information on palmistry… but all of the information is nonsense.'


Дайте адекватный перевод релятива anyway для каждого контекста.


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