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Конкретизация - coat



Как следует конкретизировать при переводе на русский язык английское слово coat (= верхняя одежда) с учетом контекста?

Контекст супермаркет:

There's a young woman near the packets of coffee. She's taking more packets of coffee from a box. She's wearing a green coat. She works in this supermarket.

Контекст улица:

It's raining hard, and I haven't got a coat. And I haven't got any money. Only two pounds.

Контекст ресторан-кафе:

I walk into the restaurant. There's a young woman near the door. She's wearing a white coat. There's ketchup on the coat … and chocolate milkshake and tea. There's a sign on her coat, too.



Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2013/06/15 07:21, 2013/06/15 10:07

Супермаркет - спец.одежда, халат
Улица- плащ
Ресторан - халат рабочий

Yuri ScherbakovYuri Scherbakov, 2013/06/15 10:07

Все верно.


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