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facility vs. ability vs. capability

Sound-activated toys are just one example of how high technology has affected childhood experience. A sound-activated toy responds whenever the child talks to it. There is currently a doll on the market that has an extensive memory much like a personal computer. It has a soft face that looks alive because it moves when the doll speaks. Its eyes respond to light by blinking, its hands are sensitive to heat, and it has a voice-recognition facility which gives it the ability to respond to the child playing with it. Considering all the high technology that goes into making such expensive toys, it may be surprising to find that children become bored with the new toy after its novelty has worn off. Children seem to get the most lasting enjoyment from balls, ordinary sticks, and common cardboard boxes. Perhaps this is because these can be turned into anything the child's imaginative play needs, whereas a high-tech doll can only be a high-tech doll.


1. Как перевести слово facility, учитывая имеющийся контекст?

2. В чем сем. разница между facility, ability и capability?

3. Как коррелирует триада Id-Ego-SuperEgo с facility, ability и capability?

4. Facility, ability и capability - существительные исчисляемые или не-исчисчисляемые?


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