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Артикли в контексте (Mr Jones's shop) - Вадим vs Алёша

—- Mr Jones's shop sold —- food.
—- Mr Jones and —- young man worked there.
—- young man's name was —- George.
—- man came into —- shop on —- Monday.
He was —- funny man.
—- Mr Jones was in —- office. It was behind —- shop.
—- funny man looked at —- George and said, “I want —- small table, please.”
—- George said, “We don't sell —- tables in this shop. We sell —- food.”
—- man smiled and answered, “—- small, brown table.”
He took —- picture out of his bag and showed it to —- George.
It was —- picture of —- small, —- brown table.
—- George put his mouth near —- man's ear and said, “We do not have —- tables in this shop! —- food! Not —- tables!”
—- man smiled and answered, “That's —- good. Thank you.”
Then he sat down on —- chair and waited.
—- George was not happy now.
He went into —- office and spoke to —- Mr Jones.
Then he and —- Mr Jones came out again.
—- Mr Jones was angry.
He looked at —- man and said, “What do you want?”
—- man smiled and answered, “I want —- loaf of —- brown bread, please.
Haven't you got any —- bread in your shop?”
—- Mr Jones said, “Yes, we have.”
He looked at —- George, and then he went and got —- loaf of —- brown bread from —- big box and gave it to —- man.

По цепочке заполните пропуски артиклями: a(n), zero, the, NA (no article)


VadimVadim, 2019/01/22 10:32, 2019/01/22 10:35

Mr Jones's shop sold a food.

AlexAlex, 2019/01/23 19:03

Mr Jones and a young man worked there.

VadimVadim, 2019/01/24 09:49, 2019/01/24 12:09

young man's name was George. Если это конец фразы/предложения, то нужна точка.

AlexAlex, 2019/01/27 15:32

A man came into the shop on NA Monday.

VadimVadim, 2019/01/28 12:20

He was a funny man.

AlexAlex, 2019/01/31 22:43

Mr Jones was in the office. It was behind the shop.

VadimVadim, 2019/02/04 11:11

He was а funny man.

AlexAlex, 2019/02/06 22:19

The funny man looked at NA George and said, “I want a small table, please.”

VadimVadim, 2019/02/07 13:20, 2019/02/08 12:13

NA George said, “We don't sell a tables in this shop. We sell a food.”

AlexAlex, 2019/02/08 22:50

The man smiled and answered, “A small, brown table.”

VadimVadim, 2019/02/21 13:18, 2019/02/21 21:09

He took the picture out of his bag and showed it to NA George.

AlexAlex, 2019/02/21 21:02

It was a picture of a small, NA brown table.

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