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Леонид vs Шамиль - синтаксис vs логика

По цепочке предложите друг другу по 10 английских предложений с перемешанными словами, чтобы напарник восстановил правильный порядок слов с точки зрения грамматики и логики, т.е. согласовывалось бы с действительностью.


Первая сторона:

all can not people swim .

Вторая сторона:

Not all people can swim. ← Правильное с точки зрения грамматики и не противоречит действительности.


All people cannot swim. ← Правильное с точки зрения грамматики, но противоречит действительности.


LeonidLeonid, 2018/12/07 08:16

like fish him very.

ShamilShamil, 2019/09/16 19:58

Fish likes him very much.

popular is singer this.

LeonidLeonid, 2019/10/03 17:49

This singer is popular.

the fox does the sit tree by?

ShamilShamil, 2019/10/09 08:58

Does the fox sit by the tree?

stay who should here?

LeonidLeonid, 2019/11/09 06:55

Who should stay here?

is two and sofa there a chairs

ShamilShamil, 2019/11/19 19:52, 2019/11/26 16:01

There is two chairs and a sofa.

flight is for closed сheck-in this

LeonidLeonid, 2019/11/26 12:11

This flight is closed for сheck-in.

myself can I hardly it believe

ShamilShamil, 2019/12/04 12:29

I can hardly believe it myself.

dog in will be our there house no

LeonidLeonid, 2020/01/14 17:10

There will be no dog in our house.

an leg it and costs arm

ShamilShamil, 2020/01/21 22:55

It an arm and leg costs.

growing lawn were the mushrooms on

LeonidLeonid, 2020/03/29 15:40

The mushrooms were growing on lawn.

his is glasses he for looking

ShamilShamil, 2020/04/02 15:15

He is looking for his glasses.

the looked George out window of

LeonidLeonid, 2020/06/06 18:52

George looked out of the window.

didn't bounce you hard I

ShamilShamil, 2020/06/10 14:32

I didn't you hard bounce.

brakes the the hit driver

ShamilShamil, 2020/07/13 21:53


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