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AND/BUT/SO/BECAUSE - Test - Владимир vs Гриша vs Алеша


Выполните тест целиком.


AlexAlex, 2018/10/20 23:26, 2018/10/23 15:54

3. I didn't went to lunch.
4. I remained hungry.
5. when it got gark I decided to liveleave.
6. I didn't use the umbrella.
7. I picked it up.
8. I ignored it.
9. They needed new outfits.
10. I didn't see them till the evening.
11. the kids made a mess again.
12. she didn't go to the cinema.
13. they didn't remind me about that.
14. I bought nothing.
15. the flight was pleasant.
16. his luggage didn't.
17. the cage werecage was open.
18. it is closed for now.
19. thekids played foolball.
20. the internet didn't work.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2018/10/23 13:56

3. we felt sleepy.
4. we had coffee as well.
5. I stayed in.
6. we travelled to the forest.
7. I picked it up.
8. I didn't pick it up.
9. they got their salary.
10. they bought a new telephone.
11. she didn't clean the garden.
12. she started cleaning the garden.
13. I am absent-minded.
14. I want you to pay.
15. asked for a coffee.
16. the airplane didn't take off for a long time.
17. it managed to open the lock.
18. the zoo needed another monkey.
19. went for a walk.
20. I didn't want to go for a walk.

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