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Past Simple vs Past Progressive Test - Владимир vs Гриша vs Алеша


Выполните тест целиком.


Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2018/07/01 16:57, 2018/07/01 16:58

1. went
2. didn't like…, played
3. broke… was
4. was… came
5. told… helped
6. didn't visit… preferred
7. Did they visit
8. Who were you

1. was studying
2. wasn't doing
3. weren't playing
4. Were they listening
5. was going
6. was playing… was having
7. were watching
8. was beginning

It was a rainy day of November.
We were coming from school at 2 o'clock.
We weren't very hungry but we were too cold.
While we were walking with my umbrella, we found a coin.
It wasn't a normal coin, it was a strange coin.
We didn't continue walking.
We were a bit nervous.
What should we do?
Maybe, we had to put the coin where we had found it.
We did this.
We were walking on(in) the street, when a tall man asked us for the coin.
We told him that the coin was at the beginning of the street.
We knew what was happening, so we continued walking.

AlexAlex, 2018/07/01 20:34

1. went
2. didn't like, played
3. broke, was
4. was, came
5. told, helped
6. didn't visit, preffered
7. did visit
8. were

1. was studying
2. wasn't doing
3. weren't playing
4. were listening
5. was going
6. was playing, was having
7. were watching
8. was begining

1. was
2. were coming
3. weren't, were
4. were walking, found
5. wasn't, was
6. didn't continue
7. were
8. had, found
9. did
10. were walking, asked
11. told, was
12. knew, happened, continued

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