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Past Simple vs Present Simple - Test - Владимир vs Гриша vs Алеша


Выполните тест целиком.


GrishaGrisha, 2018/06/27 14:58, 2018/08/02 20:35

1.I saw a very interesting film yesterday.
2.We always play volley-ball at school.
3.They visited London two years ago.
4.She often help her mother at home.
5.Tom won the championship last week.
6.Lana, you always come in time!
7.We wrote the test yesterday.
8.I always send SMS to my friend.
9.My mother usually come home at 5 o' clock.
10.The girls found that game yesterday.
11.I often listen to this wonderful song.
12.He didn't help me with the text yesterday.
13.Liz doesn't want to go to the disco club today.
14.We didn't take part in the perfomance yesterday.
15.Ben doesn't often use his vocabulary in the test.
16.The boys didn't play footaball last Sunday.
17.The girls doesn't want to stay in the gym today.
18.I don't often read books.
19.We didn't go to Madrid last Suturday.
20.Pam doesn't like to run at all.
21.Mona didn't do her homework yesterday.
22.Do you go to the gym every day?
23.Did he write the test yesterday?
24.Did they win the game last week?
25.Do they often do their homework?
26.What did she win a gold or a silver medal last Sunday?
27.Does he use his gadgets everyday?
28.Do you swim in the swimming pool every day?
29.Did they swim in the swimming pool yesterday?
30.Do you always play computer games?
31.Did you play computer games yesterday?
32.Do he go to the sports club every day?

AlexAlex, 2018/06/28 19:14

1. saw
2. play
3. visited
4. helps
5. won
6. come
7. wrote
8. send
9. comes
10. found
11. listen
12. didn't help
13. doesn't want/didn't want (по контексту)
14. didn't take part
15. doesn't use
16. didn't play
17. don't want/didn't want
18. don't read
19. didn't go
20. doesn't like
21. didn't do
22. do go
23. did write
24. did win
25. do do
26. did win
27. does use
28. do swim
29. did swim
30. do play
31. did play
32. does go

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2018/08/02 20:14

1. saw
2. play/played
3. visited
4. helps/helped
5. won
6. come
7. wrote
8. send/sent
9. comes/came
10. found
11. listen/listened
12. didn't help
13. doesn't want
14. didn't take part
15. doesn't often use
16. didn't play
17. don't want
18. do/did not often read
19 (18). didn't go
20. doesn't like
21. didn't do
22. Do you go…
23. Did he write…
24. Did they win…
25. Do they often do…
26. Did she win…
27. Does he use…
28. Do you swim…
29. Did they swim…
30. Do you always play…
31. Did you play…
32. Does he go…

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