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Владимир vs Гриша (can vs be able)

По цепочке, измените высказывания таким образом, чтобы глагол can был заменен на be able и наоборот.

Пример, I can't read when it's dark. ↔ It is completely dark in here, that's why I am not able to read.


Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/04/24 22:51

I can't eat without a spoon.

GrishaGrisha, 2017/06/29 09:27, 2017/07/03 07:47

There isn't a spoon, because I am not able to eat. ← И какой смысл фразы? (ЮН)
I am not able to eat, because there isn't a spoon now.
They can't repair a accident when its not measuring instruments. ← Что хотел выразить? (ЮН)
Они не могут устранить аварию, когда нет измерительных инструментов.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/07/01 15:08, 2017/07/01 15:12

Что я понял из твоей фразы: They can't repair without measuring instruments.

They are not able to repair this defect without the measuring instruments.

Ingeborga can't bear a baby without a man.

GrishaGrisha, 2017/07/07 12:48, 2017/07/07 13:04

Ingeborga will be able to bear a baby with a man.(Так можно? Или нужно по модели: Ingeborga will be not able..?)
I can do it with your help.

Yuri ScherbakovYuri Scherbakov, 2017/07/09 13:10

Здесь нет модели. здесь нужно сузить контекст так, чтобы смысловой акцент упал на некоторое конкретное обстоятельство, которое делает что-то возможным/невозможным.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/07/09 13:07, 2017/07/09 13:08

I am able to do it with your help, because only you know how it is done.

This key cannot open this door.

GrishaGrisha, 2017/07/09 18:42

This key is not able to open this door, because the lock is broken.
We can become the best businessmen in this town.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/07/16 00:24, 2017/07/24 22:33

We are able to become the best businessmen in this town, if we win the Olimpic /Olympic Games tender on Moday /Monday.

Can't this man see without spectacles.

GrishaGrisha, 2017/07/24 19:47, 2017/07/27 10:43

This man isn't able to see without spectacles, because he has major eye wound. ← Здесь нужен cannot. (ЮН)
не совсем понял, обстоятельство подобрано не верно?? ← дефект зрения постоянный, а нужен временный, ситуационный. (ЮН)
This man isn't able to see without spectacles, because he underwent surgery and should be the doctor's advice. ← смысловой акцент лучше делать на очки, а не на зрение. (ЮН)
I couldn't finish all homework yesterday.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/07/24 22:31

I wasn't able to finish all homework yesterday, because the light was out.

I'm sorry, I couldn't come yesterday.

GrishaGrisha, 2017/07/25 00:15, 2017/07/25 22:27

I'm sorry, I wasn't able to come yesterday, because my car broke down.
They can't swim across this river.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/07/29 12:46, 2017/07/29 12:48

They are not able to swim across this river, as the bridge broke today in the morning.

You will be able easily to lose your way in the dark.

GrishaGrisha, 2017/08/15 07:37, 2017/08/18 07:56

You can easily lose your way. ← так задание же уточнить контекст так, чтобы can заменить на be able (ЮН)
You will be able easily to lose your way in the dark. ← предыдущий пример с be able to, поэтому заменил на can . ???
He cannot contact with a lawyer.

Yuri ScherbakovYuri Scherbakov, 2017/08/18 11:41, 2017/08/18 11:41
В будущем времени CAN принимает форму BE ABLE TO:

I can do this today. ← настоящее время
I will be able to do this tomorrow. ← будущее время

Поэтому отличить собственно be able to от be able to, который является формой can в будущем времени, можно ТОЛЬКО по контексту:

You will easily be able to lose your way in the dark. ← будущее время CAN

You will easily be able to lose your way in the dark without this particular flashlight. ← будущее время BE ABLE TO

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/08/16 16:45, 2017/08/16 16:46

He was not able to contact with a lawyer, because of the enternet failure.

He cannot swim in this pool.

GrishaGrisha, 2017/08/18 08:06, 2017/08/21 07:22

He are not able to swim in this pool, because it is very dirty. ← но грязность не лишает физической возможности плавать (ЮН)
He is not able to swim in this pool, because he has some problems with own health.
They could win us from within.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/08/20 21:36, 2017/08/20 21:36

They were able to win us from within, because at that moment everybody was distracted by the flash.

He could not walk.

GrishaGrisha, 2017/08/21 08:53, 2017/11/12 19:37

He was not able to walk because for now he got a call from work. ← Распиши, как ты понял исходную фразу?
Он не может пойти гулять, потому что ему только что позвонили с работы.
Perhaps we could help each other.

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/09/28 21:20

Perhaps we were able to help each other, if we had been together.

Can you fly?

GrishaGrisha, 2017/11/12 19:48, 2017/11/13 14:13

Are you able to fly without fear? ← Что здесь является основанием для be able to?
Could you help me?

Vladimir LopatinVladimir Lopatin, 2017/11/13 14:14

Are you able to help me when you finish your work?

Couldn't you be silent?

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