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глагол vs. инфинитив


В чем отличие личной формы глагола от неличной формы глагола (инфинитива)?


В каждой фразе укажите глагол и его инфинитив.

1. I am a student.
2. We are here.
3. Were they late?
4. It was light.
5. She is still working at it.
6. He had done it.
7. It will be here soon.
8. I like to ski.
9. The work is done.
10. The work has been done on time.
11. They spoke English.


GrishaGrisha, 2014/11/18 14:06

1. am-глагол; инфинитив- to be.
2. are-глагол; инфинитив- to be.
3. were-глагол; инфинитив-to be.
4. was-глагол; инфинитив-to be.
5. is working -глагол;инфинитив-to be working.
6. had done; инфинитив- to have done.
7. will be-глагол;инфинитив- to be.
8. like-глагол; to ski-глагол=инфинитив⇒ инфинитив-to like.
9. is done-глагол;инфинитив- to be done.
10. has been done-глагол;инфинитив-to have been done.
11. spoke-глагол, инфинитив-to speak.

Yuri ScherbakovYuri Scherbakov, 2014/11/18 15:01

Все верно, кроме to ski-глагол=инфинитив

Дай название каждому инфинитиву:

to be
to be working
to have done
to ski
to like
to be done
to have been done
to speak

какой из них какой: Simple/Progressive/Perfect/Active/Passive

GrishaGrisha, 2014/11/18 16:05

to be(Progressive)-Active
to be working(Progressive)-Active
to have done(Perfect)-Active
to ski(Simple)-Active
to like(Simple)-Active
to be done(Progressive)-Passive
to have been done(Perfect)-Passive
to speak (Simple)-Active
Все верно, кроме to ski-глагол=инфинитив
Почему? Ведь to ski неопр.форма глагола, т.е. инфинитив.

Yuri ScherbakovYuri Scherbakov, 2014/11/19 09:55
to be(Progressive)-Active; to be done(Progressive)-Passive

почему Progressive?

кроме to ski-глагол=инфинитив

Почему? Ведь to ski неопр.форма глагола, т.е. инфинитив.

а почему глагол=инфинитив ?

GrishaGrisha, 2014/11/22 15:19

to be(Simple)-Active;to be done(Simple)-Passive.
to ski=инфинитив.

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