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For Your Love - Albert One (Progressive Tense)

Artist : Albert One
Title : For Your Love

For your love
Sweet love

It's so long I've been waiting for you
Wanna know where my love has gone
Help me now 'cause there's no tomorrow
I am needing your love

Lots of people are always near me
Can't forget just the way we were
Set me free, I am going crazy
You're a beautiful star
And I'll find a way

(You know how I'm changing my mind
For your love)

I see your face amongst the shadows
Won't you consider my love (for your love)
Don't fight, I'm just around the corner
You know it's all for you love (for your love)
(Sweet love)

If you say to me: “Wait much longer”
With no love I will go insane
Try to enter my heart, you know how
I am needing you now

For your love I will try my hardest
Take me up to the golden sun
Our love is so strong when you're near
We are one of a kind
And I'll find a way

(You know how I'm changing my mind
For your love)


1. Как следует понимать I am needing your love?

2. Какое время в предложении: If you say to me: “Wait much longer”?

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