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write to me vs. write me

1. They wrote to me yesterday. -:- They wrote me yesterday.
2. They telephoned to me yesterday. -:- They telephoned me yesterday.
3. They called to me yesterday. -:- They called me yesterday.
4. Идея пришла ко мне в голову -:- Идея пришла мне в голову
5. They said to me yesterday. -:- They told me yesterday.
6. Intransitive Verb + (Dative → to) + Patient -:- Transitive Verb + (Accusative → zero preposition) + Patient


Как оппозиция Intransitive Verb + Dative + Patient -:- Transitive Verb + Accusative + Patient коррелирует с оппозицией ресурсодержатель -:- ресурсопотребитель?


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