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Past Perfect vs. Past Simple

They were friends for twenty years. ←- Past Simple
They had been friends for twenty years. ←- Past Perfect


Какая смысловая разница между высказываниями в Past Perfect и высказываниями в Past Simple?


Раскройте скобки, употребив глаголы в Past Simple и/или Past Perfect.

1. Yesterday night a man (snatch) the money from the bank and (run) away.
2. When I (switch) the TV on, the programme (start). I was just in time.
3. When John arrived at the Camping, Harriet (put) up the tent. John (be) very surprised!
4. I (take) the book back to the library when I (read) it.
5. Yesterday morning I (arrive) at the shop before it (open), so I had to wait
6. Tom (not / shave) this morning because he (cut) himself the day before.
7. I got home at 3 o’clock and there was no one there. My mother (just / leave).
8. After I (dry) the dishes I (put) them away.
9. I (dry) the dishes and then I (put) them away.
10. The judge (not / say) a word before he (hear) all the arguments.
11. When I (get) to the station the train (already / leave).
12. When I (get) to the station a train (already / leave).


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