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some vs. zero article (фактуальность) (2)

Three men came to New York to spend their holidays.
They came to a very large hotel and took a room there.
The room was on the forty fifth floor.
In the evening the three men went to the theatre and came back to the hotel very late.
“I am very sorry,” said the clerk of the hotel, “But our lifts do not work tonight.
If you do not want to walk up to your room, you will have to sleep in the hall.”
“No, no,” said one of the three men, “no, thank you. We do not want to sleep in a hall.
We shall walk up to our room.”
Then he turned to his two friends and said,
“It is not easy to walk up to a forty fifth floor, but I think I know how to make the task easier.
I shall tell you jokes, then you, Andy, will sing us songs, then you, Peter, will tell us interesting stories.”
So they began to walk up to their room.
Tom told them many jokes, Andy sang some songs.
At last they came to the forty forth floor. They were very tired.
“Well,” said Tom, “Now it is your turn, Peter. Tell us a long and interesting story with a sad ending”.
“I shall tell you a story,” said Peter. “It is not very long but it is sad enough. We left the key to our room down in the hall.”


Почему со словом songs сперва стоит нулевой артикль, а затем количественное местоимение some?


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