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Past Perfect vs. Past Simple (Ali-Baba)

www.claudereichman.com_images_ali_20baba.jpg At last, still thinking how he (Kasim) could get yet more, he began to drag his heavy sacks to the end of the gallery and to pile them up. It was not till he was nearly fainting with his effort and his wild excitement, that he decided to go. And now it was that Allah turned Kasim's shocking greed against him, for in his excitement and thinking only of his wild plans to keep all the treasure to himself he found that when he needed to speak it, he had forgotten the word. He stood thinking: «I-i-it was the name of a grain» Yes, he knew that much. «But which grain? Open, barley!» he cried. «Open, millet! Open, wheat!» But all in vain. The rock remained shut. He began to be afraid. «Eh-eh-eh open, rice! Open, rye!» Still that was of no use. There he stood speechless now and growing more and more terrified and confused. At last he heard a noise like thunder and a crack of light began to appear.
It was the robbers. They had come back, had seen the mules, had leapt from their horses, had looked everywhere for the mules’ owner and now their chief pointing his drawn sword at the rock had spoken the magic words: «Open, Sesame». Kasim guessing the terrible truth, made a wild rush for the freedom as the rock split only at the very entrance to be cut into six pieces by the swords of the furious robbers. The thieves laughed loudly, wiped their swords, tossed the wretched fragments inside, emptied out the sacks of treasure that Kasim had piled up, and then had a look to see if anything else seemed to have gone. But so great was the mass of treasure that they never missed the six small bags of gold that the careful Ali Baba had gathered from here and there.
And now the forty robbers sat in a circle discussing, as well they might, how this greasy citizen who had not looked, the sort of man who ever came to the forest could have discovered their secret.


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