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Артикли и юмор

A group of international scientists decided to design and build the largest and most powerful computer in the world. It took twenty years to build the computer. The scientists were very pleased with their creation. They invited famous scientists to come along and test their computer. An Italian mathematician had spent five years working on a difficult mathematical problem. When he gave the problem to the computer it answered in two seconds. A British scientist had spent his life trying without much success to predict British weather. The British scientist gave the computer a lot of facts about the climate in Britain and after ten seconds the computer produced a detailed description for a complete year. Problem after problem was given to the computer. It solved all of them easily. Soon the scientists had no more questions to ask. At that moment the lady who was serving tea and coffee shouted to the computer, 'Is there a God?“ The computer's lights flashed and flashed and flashed. The computer had never taken this long to answer. After ten minutes the lights stopped flashing and in a deep voice, the computer replied, Now there is.


Почему кофейная дама употребила неопределенный артикль в своей фразе Is there a God??


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