Put the words below into their places in the text.

We all like our food to be tasty. Englishmen are no . They also like their meals to be regular. It is no use serving lunch at three in the afternoon or tea at 6 (p.m.) to the average Englishman. He would soon let you know his views in no manner.
Our eating habits are easy for the foreigner to learn. We have breakfast in the morning at about 7 (a.m.), lunch at 1 (p.m.), tea between 4 (p.m.) and 5 (p.m.) and (or dinner) at about 7 in the evening.
We English are to be seen feeding all day long in our many fine cafes, and restaurants. But those times are the busiest. Tea shops to have been mentioned first, perhaps. It is natural for an Englishman to go into the nearest tea shop whenever he feels . It is no use pretending that we do not drink beer. We do — of it. But tea is the national drink.
Lyons tea shops are the most famous. I know them all, or all. I could help you find one in almost any town in England. They were to have opened one in our High Street. I am still waiting for it. Let us go into a large self- restaurant in the West End — Lyons, perhaps — and watch the people eat. It is good observing them, until you look in a mirror and see yourself eating! Self-service cafes and restaurants you to eat more. You just pick the food (hot or cold) off the trays. It is just looking at it. And there is not much waiting. This is an important point for the man. Would you like me to give you a typical day's menu? Well, here goes! Breakfast consists of porridge or cornflakes, bacon and , and buttered toast with marmalade, and tea of . You cannot make young ladies eat that much, though. More often than not, my sister herself with a cup of coffee and one slice of toast when she ought to have eaten a meal. A mid-morning snack, say coffee and a biscuit, helps you to last out till lunch time. I should have called it dinner, if I had meant a hot meal. If one eats a hot meal at night then that is called dinner. In any case, the expression in different parts of the country.
The midday meal (let us call it that) starts with soup, goes on to a main dish of meat and two vegetables, which is followed by sweet (or ), usually a pudding of some kind. The question facing one to be fat is: dare he follow all this with biscuits and cheese? I ought to have mentioned fried fish and . This is another national dish. There are specialist shops which serve nothing else.
Tea is not just a drink, it is what we call the meal we have in the afternoon. As it is rather drinking tea on its own, we usually need to eat something with it; toast and jam, or pastries.
Supper is often cold, a salad maybe, with sausage, meat or ham. Many people drink tea with it, too. Fish, both fresh and cured, is very popular in England. It is necessary to eat a , for instance, to understand why we like them so much. It is no use describing the . Espresso bars are a post-war innovation. They have induced millions of English people to drink (and enjoy) coffee. it often tasted like dish water.