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  State vs Action
State vs Action (flash)
State vs Action (Episode 1)
State vs Action (Exercise 2) Affirmative Statements
take + N in + N
Оборот There + to Be
There + be + rheme + theme
So/Nor Do I
So/Nor Do I (2)
Do-you-think Questions
Embedded Questions
Embedded Questions - Listening and Writing
Embedded Questions - Speaking 1
Embedded Questions - Speaking 2
Embedded Questions - Speaking 3
Embedded Questions - Speaking 4
Cleft Sentences 1
Cleft Sentences 2
It takes me ...
It takes me ... (js)
It is easy for you to do (1)
It is easy for you to do (2)
It is easy for you to do (3)
Complex Subject
Complex Subject (Part 2)
Complex Subject Unscramble  Task
Complex Object
Complex Object - Exersice 2
Complex Object (java)
can't help + Gerund/Infinitive
feel like + G
as-soon-as Structures
SO / SUCH (A(N)) / ENOUGH /TOO (1)
SO / SUCH (A(N)) / ENOUGH /TOO (2)
Reported Speech
Used-To Structures
The more ... , the better ...
Causative Voice - Exersice 1
The Causative Voice
Emphatic Inversion
Emphatic Inversion (Speaking)
Relative Clauses
Exclamatory Sentences

Reported Speech   Transformation Exercise (Speaking)

Transform the Direct Speech into the Reported Speech and record yours transformations. For example,
You read 'Don't do it' said the Queen.
You should say into the microphone: The Queen asked Alice not to do it.
Then play your recording back and script it.

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