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The Man Who Escaped   Episode 3 

pull the trigger - нажить на курок
in cold blood - хладнокровно
hate - ненавидеть
somehow - тем не менее, но всё же
got a grip on himself - взял себя в руки
prove - доказывать
innocent - невинный
flat, cold voice - ровный холодный голос
had nothing to do with it - не имею ничего общего с этим
demanded - потребовал
government secrets - государственная тайна
stared down at the floor - потупил взор
hesitated - колебался, замешкался
ruin - разрушит, уничтожит
involve - вовлекать
suspected- подозревали
swallowed - проглотил
abroad - за границу
pose as - позиционировать в качестве
foreign collectors - иностранные коллекционеры


It is 6.30 in the evening now, and the wind is still blowing. It is getting colder. About ten miles away from Princeville Prison a man is hiding in a field. The wind is cutting through his thin prison uniform like a knife. A dog is barking somewhere in the distance. Is it a police dog perhaps? The man in the field does not know. There is only one idea in his mind at the moment: he must find food and some warm clothes, but where?
Two hundred miles away in London, Baxter's train is standing at platform 9 in Paddington Station. Baxter is sitting in a comfortable compartment. There is another man opposite him. Baxter does not know the man but he can see he wants to talk. The man is holding a newspaper in his hands. "I see someone escaped from Princeville Prison this morning." "Oh, really?"
"Yes ... Would you like to read about it? It's all here in the paper."
"No, thank you."
The train is leaving the station now. Baxter is looking out of the window. He can see a thousand bright lights in the windows of pubs, cafes, houses and flats. Everywhere people are sitting down to warm meals and hot cups of tea. The world looks warm and comfortable. The man opposite Baxter is still talking. "The paper says the man was a spy ... he gave important military secrets away. I hope the police catch him"
"Yes, so do I."
  1. Why did Coke want to pull the trigger but then changed his mind?
2. Was Masters telling Coke the truth?
3. Why was Hugo interested in government secrets?
4. How did Hugo sell the secrets?
5. Why did Hugo want Coke to be killed?

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