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What a Story The Contents
Unit 1 - The Lucky Story of the Holiday Money
Unit 2 - The Mysterious Events at a Country House
Unit 3 - The Happy Story of a Tramp
Unit 4 - The Frightening Consequences of Finding a Body
Unit 5 - An Embarrassing Moment for John
Unit 6 - The Sad Life of an Old Man
Unit 7 - An Uncomfortable Situation for Brian
Unit 8 - An Alarming Experience on the Road
Unit 9 - A Remarkable Event Caused by the Wind
Unit 10 - A Moral Learnt in France
Unit 11 - The Silly Story of the Cat
Unit 12 A Disappointing Holiday for Pam
Unit 13 A Coincidence in New York
Unit 14 The Tragic Story of the Balloonist
Unit 15 The Unfortunate Story of the Lost Money
Unit 16 A Worrying Evening Waiting for News
Unit 17 An Amusing Day on a Building Site
Unit 18 The Horrifying Happenings at a Student Demonstration
Unit 19 The Dramatic Events at the Bank
Unit 20 The Fascinating Story of a Find in the Roof
Elementary Task Listening
Intermediate Task Listening
Unit 20   The Fascinating Story of a Find in the Roof
  In this story, Michael says he telephoned the Victoria and Albert Museum. This would be the usual way for a person living in London to get the sort of information he wanted.
Michael also mentions 'a promising little company called ICC. Imperial Chemical Industries is now a large international company, but Michael imagines that in 1851 the occupants of the house might have left him shares in that company which would, a hundred years later, be worth a fortune.
The rates of pay for the workman in 1851 are listed as 5/- (five shillings) a day and 2/6d (two shillings and sixpence) a day, which is equivalent to 25p and 1.5 p in the decimal currency of today.
Michael still lives in the house where he found the 'curious thing' and now one almost expects him to discover other fascinating objects.

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knocked together
much more recent
wired up
knock walls down
dig floors up
do goodness knows what
do the things I didn't understand
exquisite copper plate writing
contained my impatience
a treasure map
nailed to a beam
expert at the Victoria and Albert Museum
have to be soaked in a special solution
cotton wool
trundle up

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