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What a Story The Contents
Unit 1 - The Lucky Story of the Holiday Money
Unit 2 - The Mysterious Events at a Country House
Unit 3 - The Happy Story of a Tramp
Unit 4 - The Frightening Consequences of Finding a Body
Unit 5 - An Embarrassing Moment for John
Unit 6 - The Sad Life of an Old Man
Unit 7 - An Uncomfortable Situation for Brian
Unit 8 - An Alarming Experience on the Road
Unit 9 - A Remarkable Event Caused by the Wind
A Remarkable Event Caused by the Wind
Unit 10 A Moral Learnt in France
A Moral Learnt in France
The Silly Story of the Cat
The Silly Story of the Cat (prompt)
Unit 12 A Disappointing Holiday for Pam
Unit 13 A Coincidence in New York
Unit 14 The Tragic Story of the Balloonist
Unit 15 The Unfortunate Story of the Lost Money
Unit 16 A Worrying Evening Waiting for News
Unit 17 An Amusing Day on a Building Site
Unit 18 The Horrifying Happenings at a Student Demonstration
Unit 19 The Dramatic Events at the Bank
Unit 20 The Fascinating Story of a Find in the Roof
Elementary Task Listening
Intermediate Task Listening
Unit 9   A Remarkable Event Caused by the Wind
  To see somebody else in danger and not to be able to do anything about it is a most unpleasant experience. When, as in this case, it is your own daughter who is in danger, the feeling of helplessness is even more acute. On the day when Gerry and his daughter went to make a film for a children's television programme called Magpie, just such a situation arose.
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repeat the procedure
tremendous gust of wind
wrapped round
swept her
borne aloft
using a Humpty Dumpty
have a harness strapped on you

Here are some points for you to track the idea of the story:
Gerry's daughter, Christine, has flown across the Channel twice in a balloon.
When using a Humpty Dumpty balloon, the pilot wears a harness attached to the balloon.
When Gerry and his daughter went to Teddington, they weren't keen to begin ballooning immediately, because it was windy.
They attached a rope to the quick-release devices.
When Gerry shouted 'Cut', Christine undid her quick-releases.
When the rope was snatched out of the hands of those holding it by the wind, it wrapped round Christine and picked her up.
When Gerry saw Christine being carried away, he shouted and tried to follow her.
The rope unwrapped itself from round Christine when she hit the side of the studio.
Gerry was angry with the ambulance men because he was very agitated.
Now Christine is perfectly recovered from her accident.

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